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You’ve been given the opportunity to represent the Vitality Project brand. Before promoting our program, make sure you follow all rules when it comes to diet and claims per FTC’s guidelines.

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Thank you so much for becoming an affiliate for the Vitality Project, we’re truly honored. Here, you’ll find all of the resources you need to successfully spread the word about our wellness membership, so you can earn more commissions!

The most successful affiliates are those who are the most committed to helping their audience, whether that means recommending VP or not.

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Best Practices

Ever wonder how to inspire someone to transform their wellness without offending or giving them the wrong idea? Here are some tips & best practices!

  1. Use #vitalityproject – Add the hashtag to your social bios and relevant posts.
  2. Be a product of the product – Share how the membership is transforming your wellness and how they can experience the same wins too.
  3. Lead by example – Create a private Facebook accountability group exclusive to those who use your affiliate link.


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Get answers to your frequently asked questions!

Commissions are paid out between the 1st and 5th of each month following a 30 day refund period.

For example, if you earn a commission on May 10, 2020 – the customer can refund up until June 10, 2020.  You will be issued your commissions for this referral between July 1st and July 5th, 2020.

You can quickly, and easily update your PayPal e-mail for commission payouts at the bottom of your My Profile page.

You cannot create new links, but we have an extensive list of available links and swipe copy to promote the Vitality Project here.

If you’d like to link somewhere else, fill out the support form with your request and we’ll get it added for you!